Who is this for?


I work with adolescents and adults (age ~14+) in individual and couple sessions (small group, if necessary). I work with the individual/couple within the structure of their own context. The purpose is to treat as much of the whole experienced perspective as possible. ​I work with a variety of concerns, including but not limited to:

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  • Mood and Emotional Problems

  • Cognitive and Attention Difficulties

  • Depression

  • Trauma

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • Self-Esteem

  • Relationships (Romantic, familial and social/professional)

  • Personal and Professional Goals

  • Grief

Is this for me?


Seeking psychological counseling or therapy can be a response to a multitude of internal and external factors, ranging from changes in mood and behavior to a lack in confidence or motivation to overwhelming stress to dealing with traumatic events. It is important to understand that there is nothing wrong with you. Life is a journey and some parts of the journey are harder than others. We all need some help from time to time. My goal is to give you that help, so you can continue on your way. There is no "cookie cutter" reason for seeking expert advice. A need is a need, as genuine as any other.

It is important to understand that there is nothing wrong with you.


In this practice, there is an essential question to be answered: Are you willing to work? My approach is to help you identify what you are dealing with, teach you feasible tools and identify resources that will be effective for overcoming whatever you are facing and motivate you to apply these strategies. Change can be terrifying, and sometimes, keeping things as they are can be comforting. But there is no progress without change, and so reaching your goals and overcoming obstacles or tragedies will require you to overcome fears and leave comfort behind. We will do this together in a way that will help you to realize your own strengths. Success is not defined by outcomes, but by maintaining the will to keep going. So if you are willing to work, then you are in the right place.

What do I need?


If you are referred by a medical professional, you will need whatever documentation has been provided to you. If you wear glasses or hearing aids, be sure to have them with you.

Information about the sessions...


Each session is scheduled in increments of 45 minutes. For sessions that include psychological testing for a psychological profile, the average time is approximately 1h30 depending on the type of exams or tasks to be completed. It is imperative that you are punctual. Each scheduled session will be billed if it is not cancelled at least 24 hours in advance. If you arrive late, please understand that with respect to the other clients/patients, your session must finish at the end of its time slot and cannot be adjusted.

The frequency and lengths of sessions can be established and adjusted at request with a minimum session length being 45 minutes. This is a relationship that we are building and so we both have an equal investment in it. If you feel that this is not the right therapy for you, I invite you at any time to stop and find something more fitting of your needs. Likewise, if I feel that my services are not the best match for you, I reserve the right to terminate services. My goal is that you receive the best for you, and that may or may not be with me.

In addition, I view the first psychological consultation as a "getting to know each other" session. In this session, the goal is to determine what your needs are, how we can work together and if this is the right place for you. For this reason, the first session is at 50% of the standard rate. Counseling/Therapy and Coaching sessions are 50€/45 minutes. The tariff for psychological profiles (upon request by a medical professional) is calculated by test, not by session and can be discussed at consultation.

I hope that if you are in need, you find the right assistance. If you are interested in a consult, click here. I wish you the best and look forward to working together to get you to the place you want to be.