Here & There

Finding your place in life


Figuring out how to get to it

Jeromy Hrabovecky

Psychologist - Neuropsychologist

Counseling -Therapy -Testing -Coaching

A good psychologist is a person who understands 2 fundamental concepts:


1) Their role is to be a useful resource for the individual

2) The only "true" expert in the room is the patient/client


What does this mean?


​An effective psychologist is much like a guide or a sophisticated GPS.


Imagine you are hiking in the mountains with a group of friends. Suddenly, you get separated from them and lose your way. It becomes more and more difficult to identify your surroundings. As time passes, everything starts to look the same because your main thoughts become heavily focused on being lost and not knowing where you are or how to get out. As a result of this rumination, useful clues and signs go unnoticed. Our efforts tend to become less and less successful, and we tend to either give up trying or continue to do the same thing while hoping for a different outcome.

In addition to trying to find our way back, we are flooded with feelings of Frustration, Anger, Sadness, Desperation, Anxiety, Loneliness, Panic, among others, either all at once or at varying stages and degrees. Sometimes, we can be so overwhelmed that we don't even notice any of it. And in this distress, we often forget that we can still stand up, look around and move. The only thing lacking is Direction, Confidence and Strength.

This is where a psychologist steps in.

My goals are to help you:

To understand where you are

To identify how you got there

To decide where you want to go

To give you the tools and (re)connect you to resources to get there


I know you can still stand up, walk, look around and get yourself where you want to be. I just help you to know it too.

Effective counseling is a process of analysis and learning, which takes time,


If you want to go fast, you will have to go without me, but if you want to go far, then we can go together...